A Reliable Place to Host Your Website!

Windows 2000 Hosting : We offer very reasonable pricing for our clients who have static or dynamic websites. A dynamic website is which has some server side programming and database like an ecommerce website, portals etc. Detailed features below.

Domain Name Registration : Domain name registration for your web site. We do all the technical and billing issues.

Features :

400MB/month Data Transfer
Windows 2000 Hosting
10 POP3 Mail boxes, Email Aliases
Web Based Email Access
FTP Account
IIS 5.0
Microsoft FrontPage 2000
Active Server Pages
ASP.NET Web Services
24x7 network monitoring
Fireproof server room
Battery backup
Log File Statistics
Microsoft Index Server
Server-Side Includes (SSI)
Unlimited ODBC ( DSN )
Remote Data Service (RDS)
Direct access to MS Access, FoxPro
Active Perl Build
Cold Fusion Support

Mail Server Features

Web-based Messaging
10 POP3/IMAP4 Mailboxes
Unlimited E-mail forwarding
Unlimited E-mail auto responders
Anti Virus
Catch All E-Mail

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